The Giriff Raff

There’s a troublesome animal
At the local zoo.
He’s been known to paint
the nearly-extinct, white rhinosaurus blue,
attach and hoist poor penguins up the zoo’s flagstaff.
That absolute menace is The Giriff Raff.

He swipes the skinny legs
from under flamingos as they sleep.
He shears the wool off the backsides of unsuspecting sheep.
He makes ridiculous-looking faces in the background of tourist’s photographs.
Oh, that good for nothing Giriff Raff!!

The zoo has been trying
to get rid of him for some time now.
All the keepers have tried everything, they just don’t know how –
since he is the most popular attraction and makes all visitors laugh,
I don’t think they’ll ever get rid of
The Giriff Raff!

© Alvaro Salinas Jr


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