The Pulpmen

It was Georgie’s birthday,
So he decided he’d pour his own juice.
He climbed the fridge.
He grabbed the bottle.
And unscrewed the top loose.

He poured a little –
Then a bit more.
Suddenly, Georgie lost his grip,
And the bottle fell onto the floor.

“Someone! Anyone! I need help,” he shouted.
“The Pulpmen!
The Pulpmen are coming!
The Pulpmen have been outed!”

The Pulpmen angrily marched out of the bottle and looked directly at him.

They were mad at Georgie for disturbing their juice swim.

“For whoever disturbs us, we take a prize!” The lead Pulpman said, “And that prize is Georgie’s eyes!”

Georgie splashed through the juice,
To grab the mop.

He turned back, shut his eyes – swung it around and around –
And up and down,
He swiped.
He swapped.

And this made The Pulpmen stop!

“Georgie, what is this?”
He heard his mother say,
“Come here, Georgie, and give your mother a kiss.”

Georgie opened his eyes, for The Pulpmen he no longer feared, but they were gone –

The Pulpmen had disappeared.

“Happy birthday, Georgie!” His mother said, “How do you feel turning four?”

Georgie smiled and said, “Thank you mama, but can you call me George? I don’t want to be called Georgie anymore.

© Alvaro Salinas Jr


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