Fiesta For Fractions

One-Fourth organized the event
And got the news spread,
By sending invitations
And this is what it read:

“Reserve your spot
For the party and attractions
At the first ever –
Fiesta For Fractions!”

One-Half accepted.
Two-Thirds said he might.
The One-Eighth twins were definitely in!
Three-Fifths declined the invite.

The day of the fiesta, One-Fourth greeted everyone
With a cheerful “HELLO!”
Then he handed them a colorful sarape
And a big sombrero.

He cheerfully announced
All the games they would play
And just like that –
The Fiesta For Fractions was underway.

But something was off.
There was no laughing or singing.
No fractions were talking –
No one was mingling!

Then One-Fourth had an idea.
He brought out a guacamole-filled bowl.
Then, finally, One-Half, The One-Eighth twins and One-Fourth
Gathered around, ate, laughed, sang –
And came together as one whole.


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