Hortencio The Hugger

Hortencio loves to hug.
He hugs everyone he meets
Including passengers on the train
And strangers on the streets.

Of course he hugs his parents
And never forgets his sister Kate.
But Hortencio is a hugger –
He does not discriminate.

He hugs hot toasters, noisy blenders
And each home-run slugger.
He hugs all the shade trees at the park
I told you he was a hugger!

Boring newspapers, mean ol’ teachers
And icky, slimy bugs –
Each and every one of his friends
Has felt Hortencio’s hugs.

Any kind of pizza, snapping turtles,
Even litter on the ground –
There is absolutely nothing
Hortencio won’t wrap his arms around.

Neon signs, grandparents
And every single kind of ball –
Yup, he’s hugged them.
Hortencio has hugged them all.

I asked him once, “After all your hugs are gone –
What then?”
He replied, “I’ll simply start over
And hug everyone again.”


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