The Witch From Wichita Falls, Texas

There once lived a witch from Wichita Falls,
Just off the Red River’s shore.
She lived on the Texas side amid the mesquite trees and brush –
With Scrofa, her pet boar.

She was a different witch – like no other,
You could say she was unique.
She’d fly around the moon and back screeching “Yeeee-Hawww”-
Her famous wickedly shriek.

She would strap her custom saddle on her broom,
Which she shined before she flew.
It was her prize in the rodeo of 1999
For riding a bull named “Fu Manchu”

A legend says she crushed bluebonnet stems
To make a magical cream.
Which was slathered on each player of Wichita Falls first, undefeated,
High school football team.

And her boots – oh, how she adored her boots –
Each story correctly claims.
If anyone would step on or scuff her lovely pair,
Her black eyes would turn into red-orange flames.

But no one has seen her in a long time,
Nor heard her witchy drawl.
The drawl that made everyone’s hair stand on end when she would say,


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