My Dance

While I danced my dance in the cool autumn breeze,
Between the flowers and the trees,
I heard a voice loudly tell me, “Please!
Move outta my way!”

So I moved politely to the street
And danced my dance on the hard concrete,
But drivers angrily ran over my feet!
And yelled, “Move outta our way!”

So, I grabbed a balloon and flew up to the sky –
Higher and higher, I flew up so high,
And danced my dance until an areoplane past by –
And heard the pilot scream, “Move outta my way!”

Well, that mean ol pilot must’ve hated my dance
Because his areoplane he did advance,
And HIT me in my dancing stance!
And got me outta his way.

So they dug a hole where I could fit,
After that extremely hard areoplane hit,
Where I can dance my dance and never quit –
And be outta everybody’s way.


3 thoughts on “My Dance

    • Trying new angles to broaden my work – walking that line between comfortable and uncomfortable and still making it enjoyable for readers.

      I’ve been traveling but I promise, Bounce is on its way! thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to see you.

      • Like me doing portraits I suppose. Some people think you can’t keep an audience when you branch out. We’ll have to prove them wrong. It’s great to discover your capabilities. Keep at it!

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