Found A Nickel – I’m Rich!

I’m rich! I’m rich!
I found a nickel – I’m rich!

I’m wealthy! I’m loaded!
I’m well-to-do!
I’m moneyed-
I’m giddy- it’s funny-
The possibilities to choose-

A toothpick?
A comb?
A shiny gum ball?
A lint brush?
A shoelace?
Perhaps I buy them all.

A baseball?
A pop?
A squishy, comfy chair?
Jewelry for mama?
Buy my dad some new hair?

Maybe a new house,
Only for me,
With trampolines
For walkways!
How fun would that be?!

Or better yet-
A whole new town, I’ll get-
Where I say what goes,
Like holding class at parks
And not letting donut shops close.

My towns people would love me-
They’d put my name on the town’s main avenue!
I’m well-to-do-
I’m wealthy, I’m loaded- RICH!
I found a nickel-
I’m rich! I’M RICH!


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