The Young Man And The Dame

“No, after you” he said,
And she said the same.
Back and forth insisting
The young man and the dame.

“But you are more deserving-
I shouldn’t strut before,
With all your beauty and your charm,
You deserve the floor!”

“But you were here before me,”
The outspoken dame replied.
“Thank you for your compliments
But I don’t mind moving aside.”

“Oh, no no no – I wouldn’t hear it!
You go on and pass ahead.
A true gentleman always lets
A dame go first instead.”

“Thank you for your kindness,
But I’m intelligent to know
You are rushing just like I
Getting where you need to go”

They replied, retorted, rebutted,
But they never got their fill.
So there they stand, face to face-


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