M. M. Socks loves writing stories, poems and tales
Sometimes his writing is very vague and other times – full of details.
His writings are tall and his writings are short
Some will make you think, and others will make you snort!
His words are odd and colorful –
His lines as smooth as wool,
Many times his stories rhyme,
But sometimes they don’t.
So while you’re reading, let your creativity break through
If you do that, then M. M. Socks has done what he set out to do.


Alvaro Salinas Jr is a children’s story writer who encourages children to use their imagination and creativity. Through positive, fun, thought-provoking stories and poems, Alvaro creates a world where children’s ideas and creativity are allowed to run wild and experience a different view on everyday occurrences.

Alvaro Salinas Jr created the M. M. Socks character as a writer who always wears mismatched socks (M. M. Socks). The reason for wearing socks that don’t match is just a visual introduction for children to embrace the idea that being different is O.K., fine or even “cool”.

Alvaro lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, daughter, son and cat. He is a member of the North Texas Chapter of SCBWI. Bounce – A Book of Poems and Paintings is available late October 2013 and his first e-book, “We Have Fleas, Queen Louise” will be released in 2014.



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  1. Hi I would love to add you to our Blog, I run a community blog for kids activities in Wichita Falls. I would really like to promote local kids authors. Please can I share your webpage. Thank you for your time.

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